Everything is energy

Do you know your state of mind is based on energy levels and frequency? If you’re sad you carry a different energy frequency than when you’re confident or engry for example! This knowledge is so fascinating!

Animals are the best in feeling energy of others. They don’t overthink, they just act on what they sense in their surroundings! Their sixth sense – as I call it – is very well developed!

They don’t (over)think like we humans do, they just feel a lot more (intuitive) and they sense energy shifts and act upon it.

It’s so inspiring to see and to learn from!!

If we’d think less and start being more connected with nature, like animals do instinctively, we’d be more connected with our selves either and be more aware of all sorts of energy (shifts). We’d also be more aware of where we lose our energy to.

Do you know our thoughts and behaviour patterns use our energy, I bet you knew this already. But do you also know that everything is energy? Even a rock has a certain energetic vibration!

And do you also know that energy comes in different frequency levels (vibrations)? And that these vibrations are connected to feelings and psychological processes? Even words carry different forms energy frequency. Words that you use in positive situations are connected to high frequency energy levels. You can really sense it if someone gives you a compliment for example! If someone shouts at you you sense something different. It’s a different kind of energy and this does something with your system (mind/body/soul) and you’ll react to it differently.

The energy you carry and radiate, influences your surroundings

Do you know that the energy you carry or radiate – in other words: your state of mind – can influence your direct surroundings? When you’re cranky or engry for example… people don’t really like to be around you. When you’re happy it’s a different story. Do you know that animals and even plants react to your energy frequency?

Study shows that plants react differently to good and bad vibrations (energy frequency) carried, in spoken words!

This brings me to a practical study from Doon university in India:
Source: https://www.ijirt.org/master/publishedpaper/IJIRT151445_PAPER.pdf

Recent study shows that even plants react to energy carried by spoken words. Energy in the form of verbal communication (human to plant). How amazing is this! They tested positive words and negative words and the relation

Abstract – By answering the question “Do words effect plant growth” we carried out our study to test the
hypothesis that Positive and Negative words and environment can affect plant growth and health. Two
Epipremnum aureum plants were taken. The first plant was growing in a negative environment where it was cursed while growing. The second plant was grown in a positive environment, and it was praised while it was growing. Several growth parameters were measured, including the germination rate, plant height, and leaf size. In addition, the health status was measured by leaf colour, stem and spots. Plant growth was observed continuously for four weeks. The results showed that positivity in the environment and words had a significant positive effect on plant growth. Plant seeds under the influence of the positive words had a higher germination rate, and these plants grew taller, larger, and healthier than that in negative environment.

Change your internal dialogue and shift your energy

Humans grow from plants. Animals grow from plants. Did you know that the first form of life on earth where plants, in the form of moss? You probably noticed I go all over the place with facts, the relationships of words and topics, that’s how my brain works when I’m excited about a topic! If you read the whole article you probably see that energy is the relation between all living organisms. Everything is energy and we humans can train our senses to feel and change our own energy frequency. When you become aware of your internal dialogue (the voice of your thoughts), you can train yourself to filter or direct those words. You can literally program your inner voice. That voice is formed by all of your experience in life, your parents, your direct surroundings and school. But when you become aware, get in charge of your thoughts and reprogram it to high frequency content… you’ll be able to change your health, your life, your results and anything you care about for the better.

Call me an optimist who wants to change the world… but that’s why I started Positive People!

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